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With the addition of Johannes Balmer and Roberto Nüesch, we are expanding and strengthening our partnership. Welcome, Johannes and Roberto!


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Proce­dural Law

In today’s business environment, the underlying conditions are changing rapidly, often surprisingly and, to an increasing extent, globally as well. Competitors in the market, key contractual and business partners, technical shortcomings, one’s own mistakes and those of contractual partners or third parties can generate considerable conflict and lead to differences of opinion.

Litigation almost always starts not in court but as a disagreement between the people and companies involved. Knowing this, we always take the approach of actively intervening as early as possible in emerging disputes in order to prevent escalation. Still, if a conflict cannot be resolved out of court, we represent our clients with the necessary persistence and tactical intuition. We support you in the choice of proceedings and represent you in court, arbitration, regulatory, administrative and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Our specialists.

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