New partners for our sustainable development.

With the addition of Johannes Balmer and Roberto Nüesch, we are expanding and strengthening our partnership. Welcome, Johannes and Roberto!


We build bridges, by law.

Con­struc­tion/Real Estate

Construction is not limited to erecting buildings. The execution of construction projects is a complex process that can only be successful through the professional cooperation of specialists. We know the various legal regulations that govern construction, and we support your projects with a solid legal foundation. From choosing the right corporate and contractual structures to negotiating lease agreements. With our vast experience and knowledge extending far beyond construction law itself, we guide even highly complex projects from their inception in a practice-oriented manner, making our contribution to your success.

We advise real estate companies, investors, general contractors, planners, architects, building contractors, building consortia, real estate administrators and land owners on all types of real estate transactions.

Our specialists.

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