New partners for our sustainable development.

With the addition of Johannes Balmer and Roberto Nüesch, we are expanding and strengthening our partnership. Welcome, Johannes and Roberto!


M&A: Together and apart.

Corpo­rate Law/M&A

Companies grow through acquisitions. Or they concentrate their activities and divest themselves from parts of the company. Some owners in the founding Swiss SME generation want to place their companies in new hands. Other companies finding success abroad want to restructure and organize themselves from bases in Switzerland. And young entrepreneurs who set up companies are looking for partnerships and financing.

All these examples have one thing in common: Usually the goal is known before the right solution has been found. Every year we guide many companies and entrepreneurs along this often-complicated path. We understand entrepreneurial goals just as we know all aspects of the law. With our experience gained in countless transactions, we can avoid legal risks and exploit opportunities, even under great time pressure and in cooperation with experts in other areas. In this way, we create real added value that benefits all participants in the end.

Our specialists.

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