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„With Reichenbach Attorneys we have had a competent and reliable partner for over 25 years.“

Ole Wiesinger, Chief Executive Officer, Hirslanden Private Hospital Group (until december 2018)


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Media/Ad­ver­tising/IT/Intel­lectual Pro­perty

We have been dealing with all legal aspects of our rapidly developing media society for a long time. We support media companies, marketing companies and media agencies, especially in the areas of TV, radio and Internet.

In addition, our specialists advise and represent production companies (film industry), program creators (classical radio and television stations, IPTV, Internet radio) and companies, both internally and in dealings with public officials.

In the field of information technology, we advise and represent clients on both the service provider and client sides, especially in consultations regarding complex IT projects and the drafting and negotiation of all sorts of IT contracts.

We know how to protect new commercial ideas, distinctive trademarks, original designs and artistic works, how to differentiate them from other creations, and how to find ways to commercialize them and defend them against misuse by others, and we advise you comprehensively in all these matters.

Our specialists.

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