New partners for our sustainable development.

With the addition of Johannes Balmer and Roberto Nüesch, we are expanding and strengthening our partnership. Welcome, Johannes and Roberto!


We assert claims on your behalf and remain at your side through times of financial difficulty.

Debt Col­lec­tion and Bankrupt­cy Law, Li­qui­dations

We advise and represent you in all matters and proceedings relating to debt enforcement, bankruptcy and estate law, restructuring, reorganization or liquidation.

Our specialists.

Thomas Blattmann M.C.L. / Partner   Vcard
Thomas Esslinger LL.M. / Partner   Vcard
Gaetano Genoni Dr. iur. / Attorney   Vcard
Claudia Holck Attorney   Vcard
Jessica Meier Attorney   Vcard
Carla Muff Attorney   Vcard
Roberto Nüesch Partner   Vcard